Thursday, 4 January 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 12

There was a loud cry. It was Sheila. Everyone left what they were doing and rushed to see Sheila. Their mother had pulled Sheila's hair from behind. The pain was unbearable. She felt as if head would pop any moment. She tried hard to free herself but mother's grip was too strong. Shekhar tried to save his wife. He tried to coax her as well as free her fingers that gripped Sheila's hair. Strangely, he was unable to beat her strength.

Finally, Sakshi slapped mother hard. It was first time she had raised her hand on a elder and the elder was her mother. She felt guilty but she convinced herself that it was necessary for her to do so. She kept telling herself that she had slapped the demon and not her mother. Everyone were surprised. Mother slowly loosen the grip and fell unconscious. Shekhar tried to wake her up. But she was 

"How dare you slap your mother?", Shekhar growled. "I had to. I had free Sheila and mom from the demon.", she said meekly. He looked confused and said,"What do you mean?" "Mom is possessed by the demon", she cried. "How can you be sure?", he asked. She narrated everything that Vicky had told her. She also added her observations she had come across. "Why didn't you say anything, Vicky? Why did you keep quiet all this while?", he asked Vicky. 

Vicky looked down. He couldn't look at his brother. He was ashamed. He knew he had committed a sin. He still looked down as he spoke, "I was scared! I was scared that you would not believe me. I didn't how would you all react. Trust me, I wanted to inform you all but fear stopped me. I feel ashamed. I feel sinful." Shekhar took few steps and stopped close toward Vicky. He brushed his hair gently and said, "We are family. We would never leave you alone in any situation. You can count on us."

The day passed quickly. There was no horrific incidents. Mother had slept peacefully. She was normal after the last attack. She had breakfast and lunch as usual. Everyone was relieved. But this was just for a while. As the night arrived, everyone became alert. The kids were scared while the grown ups tried to console them , but they were scared themselves. After dinner, Shekhar decided to check on mother. Sheila initially tried to persuade him to let her join him . But he wanted to be alone with mother.  After  brief argument, she decided to let Shekhar to be with his mother alone. She was doing fine. She was sleeping. He sat on the chair next to her bed. The rest of the family stayed downstairs. Within minutes, everyone had slept where they had stayed.

 Suddenly Shekhar woke up to giggling of child. It seemed like the kid was playing chase game on the passage near the door. When he turned back, he saw a shadow running and giggling. He assumed it to be one of his kid. But it seemed strange to him that a kid would play at wee hours of the night. He got up to check. He followed the shadow until it stopped next to a wall. Later, it disappeared. Shekhar rubbed his eyes and smiled at the thought that he was dreaming. As he turned back towards the room, something pulled his hand towards the wall. He tried to look back and free himself. But he couldn't . He tried to scream. There was no voice inside. He stared helplessly with one of his hand outstretched into the air as he was slowly swallowed into the wall.

(To be continued)

Wednesday, 3 January 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 11

Their mother lost consciousness after she spoke. Shekhar sat next to his mother on the bed while Sheila rushed to get medicines and glass of water. Sakshi took the kids into their room and comforted them. Later she visited Vicky at his room. Everyone were confused. "What was happening"., they thought. 

They were deeply disturbed. Everything was normal till yesterday. With the house shaking, the TV flipping channels itself, the light flickering and then their mother acting weirdly, nothing made sense to them. There were too many questions to answer. Apart from this, they were very worried about the children. 

When Sakshi entered his room, everything was scattered. Vicky sat on his knees on the floor.  His face showed stains of tear droplets. Sakshi felt sorry. She had thought that bringing him home would change his mood. But it was making him more depressed. She gently touched his hand to let him know her presence. He looked up and said weakly, "I am sorry. It's all because of me."

Sakshi hugged him and consoled," Don't be too hard on yourself. What happened yesterday or today was not due to anyone. It was beyond our understanding." " No! I bought the miseries on our family. This demon... is causing all this.  This is not happening yesterday. It's happening since six months. It killed my friend and now it is torturing mother.", he cried.

"What are you saying? Have you gone mad?", she asked in bewildered tone. He looked at her with fear. He feared about what she would think of him. He feared whether she would believe him or consider him mad. He feared a innocent lie about the trip he had taken with his friends and hidden truth about the demon would break their relationship. But he couldn't stay quiet any longer. "Remember, I told you I was visiting Jog falls with friends. I lied to you. We had visited a small house in a village outskirt of city. It had a room that was haunted by dangerous demon as per the folklore. It was just for adventure and to see whether that folklore was truth or lie. It killed Ronny. Then it followed me to the city and tortured me. Now it's behind mother."

Sakshi listened intently. She was shocked. She slowly understood the illusions she had yesterday, weird behaviour of her brother and the reason behind why his room was always cold. She didn't know whether she should yell at Vicky for his carelessness or console him for bearing the torture of demon without letting his family know.  She hit him mercilessly on his back and then hugged him. They cried relentlessly.

(To be continued)

Tuesday, 2 January 2018

Mind Your Business - Part 10

Mother stared at her with intense hate.  Her eyes were wide open. Anger burst from her gaze. She would have ripped Sheila if Shekhar wouldn't have intervened. Sheila was scared. She couldn't understand what happened to her beloved mother in law whom she had served loyally. Shekhar held her hand before she could raise to hit Sheila.

She fell unconscious. Her head rested on Shekhar's chest while he guided her towards her room. Everyone followed him. They were concerned about mother's health. No one could come out of shock. Everything took place suddenly and fast for anyone to react. What happened in living room or why mother reacted strangely towards Sheila was beyond anyone's imagination except for Vicky. Vicky knew what was happening but still he kept quiet.

He had seen fury in mother's eyes. The anger within mother was not hers. It was demon inside her. He was guilty for making his mother suffer. He was guilty for not informing the others about it. He wanted to share it but he was tight lipped. He was scared about his family's reaction as well as their judgement about him. He didn't have courage to face the blame of being solely responsible for all the horrifying events . He didn't want to face the truth - he had bought the demon into the house.

As mother slept, other stayed awake.  No one could sleep due to what had happened. Any small movement of the door/ window or tiny cries of insects would scare everyone. Everyone stayed with mother. Next morning, everything turned normal. Last night episode did affect everyone but it couldn't dampen their spirits to start a new day.

They waited anticipatedly  for mother to open her eyes.  She opened her eyes widely. The eyes were filled with shock. It seemed like as if something hit her. Everyone asked her about her health. She didn't reply. No one asked her about yesterday. They didn't want to strain her. They were deeply affected. She didn't reply or nod. She lay on the bed like statue.

When Vicky gently rubbed her head, mother grabbed his other hand. She held it tight for him to withdraw himself from the grip. His heart thumped. He was confused. Everyone tried to help him out of her grip. But it was too tight. She turned her eyes towards him and spoke, "Don't you pretend to care about others or me. If you really love your family, why don't you tell them about me? Don't you feel guilty seeing your mother tortured like this?" Her voice was deep. The tone was half feminine and half manly.  She slowly loosen the grip on his hand.  He freed himself and ran as fast as he could towards his room. She laughed creepily after saying those words. Everyone looked at each other in confusion and shock.

(To be continued)

Monday, 18 December 2017

Mind Your Business- Part 9

Sakshi looked at her brother. He looked lost. It seemed as if he was not here. There was something going in his mind. "What happened, Vicky?", she asked. Vicky replied,"Nothing!" He walked away hurriedly. There was definitely something he was hiding. "What is he hiding? Why is he not sharing it?",she thought.

"He's been acting strangely since the morning.", Sheila spoke. "I asked him so many times. He didn't say anything.", she continued. "I felt the same. I will talk to him in sometime.", Sakshi said. The sun set down. The sky turned violet pink to dark blue with moon and stars shining bright. It was the time for the devil to wake up from it's slumber.

Everything looked normal. Sakshi had forgotten the afternoon ordeal. Everyone were busy with fun activities. After playing game of UNO, they began watching a movie. It was a comedy movie. Everyone were having fun oblivious of what was going to happen next. It was silence before storm.

In midst of watching a movie, the voices of actors in the movie became deeper. It was masculine femine mixture. Shekhar switched off and on the TV to check what was wrong. It was still the same. Then he tried to flip the channels to see whether voices in other channel were the same. It was same. The kids got scared while the adults were surprised. Shekhar switched off TV to ward off the children's fear.

Suddenly lights began to flicker. The TV automatically switched on. The channel began to change automatically. A deep voice screamed from nowhere. Everything including the whole house started shake. Everyone cried in fear. They held each other and stood in center of the house. The children were protected by human chain formed by Sakshi. Sheila noticed that they had forgotten to get their mother who was resting in her room.

"What about mother? She is in the room. Someone, go and get her.", she cried. When Shekhar was about to bring her, mother arrived from her room. Her hair was untied in bun like she used to. Her eyes were red. She stomped towards Sheila and screamed in unrecognizable voice. It wasn't her. She was breathing heavily. The flares of wrath blew from her nose. Sheila was stunned.

(To be continued)

Monday, 11 December 2017

Mind Your Business - Part 8

She touched her face. Her eyes, ears, nose and mouth were all there. Vicky and Sheila rushed towards her. "What happened ?", Sheila inquired. Sakshi didn't say anything. She was in shock. She couldn't believe her eyes. "I must be dreaming.", she said aloud. "What?", Sheila asked. "I must have seen a nightmare. My face was deformed. There was no nose, no ears, no eyes.. nothing.", Sakshi said. She took huge breath to relieve herself.

Sheila hugged her and consoled," It was a bad dream. You had a hard day." Vicky was pained to see his family in this situation. He knew it was not a dream. He had to let them know this dark secret. He couldn't hold it any longer. "It's not a dream. It's real. The spirit is one who is causing all this.",he said shakingly.

"Why are you scaring her? She is already scared.", Sheila scolded him. He didn't stop. "I am saying the truth. First it killed Ronny, then it tried to hurt me and mother .Now it's trying to scare Sakshi. I don't know what it is. I don't know why it is doing or what it wants.", he continued, turning his back at both women.

Sakshi pulled his hand and dragged him to face her.  "Tell me what happened at the trip you had taken with your friends. You said you were visiting Jog falls with your friends. Where did you go?", she asked firmly. "I didn't go to Jog falls. I had gone to small house outskirts of the city. There was a room that was haunted by a spirit as per folklore.", he said.

He narrated everything that had happened in the haunted room. "It was adventure. We wanted to have fun. We wanted to do something different.", he concluded his story. . "Fun! Adventure! You lost a friend! Who goes to haunted place to have fun? I don't know what you bought in.", Sakshi said. She slapped him

He woke up to the reality. It was a dream. He was dreaming about his confrontation with his sister. He knew his sister would either slap him or disown him or not believe him. He wished he could share his concerns and worries openly with his family. But he was scared to utter anything.

(To be continued)

Friday, 8 December 2017

Mind Your Business - Part 7

Their mother cried in pain while everyone tried to ask her the reason of pain. She had never spoken a word since many years. It was usually through the sign language , she would convey her message. Today was not different. She tried best to show what had happened to her. But no one could understand. 

They could sense the physical pain. But there was something serious which remain invisible to others in the family except Vicky. Vicky remained silent. They called the doctor. However the doctor couldn't find the source of the pain. He offered medication to heal her physical pain. 

Everyone was back to routine next morning. However Vicky acted strange. He hardly touched his food or spoke to anyone. He was disturbed by his mother's pain. He knew what caused her pain. But he was scared that no one would believe him. He was frustrated that he couldn't help his mother.

Sakshi was with her kids during the morning. She had been engaged completely with Vicky. She didn't want her kids to be burden on Sheila. She was managing too many people. She had hired a babysitter to take care the kids. She missed her kids. She didn't like this arrangement. But she had no choice. Vicky was her priority now. 

Sheila was tired of convincing Vicky to have something.Vicky was stubborn. He didn't listen. He stayed aloof the whole day. Sakshi's arrival was relief to her. "I have been asking him to have something. But he is not listening. He is acting strange lately.", she said. Sakshi smiled. Sakshi played with his hair and walked into the kitchen. 

She got lunch ready for him. She helped him with the lunch like a mother helping the kid to have lunch. "Oh! So you will have food from Sakshi. But not from me.", Sheila teased. Sakshi smiled. Vicky didn't react. "Sorry. Atleast you had food.", Sheila said and gently patted him.  

As Sakshi washed her hands in bathroom, suddenly she looked at the mirror. The mirror reflection of her had no nose, no ears , no mouth and no eyes. She had no facial features. She screamed and rushed out of the bathroom.

(To be continued)

Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Mind your Business - Part 6

His mother's lap was heaven to his soul. He felt all his problems were going to vanish. Everything would be normal now. It was a thought. A son's trust on his mother. She was his solace in this torment situation.  But she stayed quiet. She sat still. She didn't caress him or spoke any encouraging words. She has been sitting still since many years. Suddenly she screamed in fear and pushed his face away from his lap.

Sheila consoled mother and fed her. She helped mother toward her room and helped her to sit on the bed. She assisted her with medication and helped her to sleep on the bed.  Mother was asleep in few minutes.

He sobbed while his face was bent down. Sakshi touched his forehead and patted him. She picked him gently and helped him sit next to his mother. "Don't worry. We are here for you", she said. Everyone pampered him with good food and love.  After dinner, they chatted on times they missed out as family and future plans. The time passed quickly.

"Vicky, you need to have good rest. You are not well. You need to have good sleep.", Sheila said. Vicky shivered at the word 'sleep'. He didn't want to sleep. He didn't want to go to the room. He was paranoid. "Well, I was having great time. I am not feeling sleepy. I already slept too much.", Vicky said meekly. " I know, but you need good sleep and others are also sleepy. We have whole day tomorrow. We will have fun tomorrow.", Sakshi said.

Vicky was tensed. As he slowly walked towards the room, Vicky said nervously, "I don't want to sleep alone. I am scared."  Everyone smiled at each other while kids innocently asked,"Are you scared that ghosts will come out of bed to scare you?" Vicky froze. "Go to your room, kids.", Shekhar said gently but bit firmly.

After the kids scooted to their room to sleep, Shekhar said, "I will sleep with you." He escorted Vicky to his room while Sakshi and Sheila exchanged looks at each other. While everyone were in deep slumber, something bothered the mother. Her bed constantly shook side to side. She tried to stay on the bed still. She was scared. She screamed. But there was no voice. Suddenly something pulled her up. Her body was suspended in the air. Later her body fell on the bed with thud. She screamed in pain. Everyone rushed towards her room to see what had happened.

(To be continued)